Packing - What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, camera, socks, attitude . . .

The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude.
Capt. Bob Bitchin

Avoid bringing anything that can be damaged by exposure to sun, saltwater and bursts of wild physical fun. The most important item to bring is your sense of adventure!

Spring and fall promises excellent sailing weather, but Northwest travelers should always anticipate rain, fog and/or wind. Warm pants, sweaters, socks, over-the-ears wool hats/caps, and gloves will contribute to your comfort.

Summer in the San Juans can be sunny - bring sunblock and a hat, and your sunglasses. A pair of shorts may come in handy on sunny days, and if you feel like braving the ocean temperatures, swimming trunks.

Part of the fun of visiting the islands is going ashore on remote beaches. There isn't always a dock, so we may be landing on the beach. A pair of cheap rubber boots - or just sandals that can get wet - is worth packing.

Layered clothing, including turtlenecks and tights or long underwear, will offer adaptability for comfort most mornings and evenings. Foul-weather gear (waterproof footwear, pants and jacket) will be necessary when it rains. An inexpensive hooded rain jacket and pants works well.

Although for overnight trips we kind of like the notion of being a floating hotel, we ARE a sailing ship with bunks and not really a hotel. We happily provide pillows, sheets and blankets in the bunks, but cannot carry enough for a daily change of bedding, so if you plan to sleep on deck please bring along your regular camping style sleep gear, including camping-type pillows.

We provide towels in the heads for your basic needs, and carry enough for daily replacements on overnight trips, but if you plan to swim or shower please bring along a bath towel.

Giving careful attention to packing before you leave can assure that your voyage is carefree and comfortable.

If you arrive early at Fairhaven, it's a quaint but delightful village center with lots to do and see. This map of Fairhaven and list of local businesses may be useful.